Not so rosy…

Misty morning, 08 November 2020

For a while this afternoon I perused Facebook but, as I did last night, I finally fled the nastiness.

Perhaps I’ll stay permanently away.

There are other ways to stay in touch with those who matter.

When I heard, yesterday, that we had elected a new president, I rejoiced.

At the same time I could not help but remember that a very large number of other people would be feeling devastated.

There is no joy in other people’s suffering.

But I have to admit, I find it hard to comprehend.

When did the people of the USA all start to hate each other?

It’s such an “un-American” emotion. Isn’t it?

Since I became a citizen, I have voted in 12 elections.

Sometimes for one side and sometimes the other.

My way of thinking was that you should choose the candidate who seemed the best choice for the country.

Not necessarily for me personally.

Seriously. That’s what I thought.

Actually, it’s what I still think. Maybe I’m a fool.

But I can live with that.

The bitterness on Facebook since yesterday has brought back the sadness I have been feeling all year.

If people cannot work together, what hope is there for the nation?

As Jon Katz has often written, there are many in this country who feel forgotten, left behind.

Their rage has reason that I understand.

But what makes me desperately sad is that so many others are so convinced that the new government will be the ruination of the USA.

All those elections I voted in, often my choice did not win.

But I never expected the sky to fall.

Why would it? Aren’t we are all ONE?

Is slandering your opponent the 21st Century way?

Are we regressing as a species?

Don’t we share a common destiny?

There are many paths home.

We may not follow the same one, but that is called CHOICE.

Why must people always fight about their choices?

While I am relieved beyond measure that we are to have a new President, my mind remains as foggy as this mornings dawn and my thoughts are a lot less rosy.

7 thoughts on “Not so rosy…

  1. This isn’t just a US dilemma. The UK now driven by splits. Since Brexit the country seems to be splitting into two sides, neither of whom will listen to each other. In some ways humanity seems to be going backwards.

    It’s all terribly sad

  2. It is Stuart. What’s to be done? You would think the human species could learn from history, but we seem to stagger down the same rabbit holes.

  3. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and the right to express it. We must be respectful of that opinion even when we disagree with it. In todays society it is more common for a combative stance to be adopted right from the start and terminology is often used to exacerbate this. eg war, battle, fight, struggle etc. I am constantly taken aback by the vehemence and vitriol that is exchanged on social media.

  4. It is people like you and me who can bring about the change, we just have to keep having respectful conversations and hoping that we all start to understand each other just a little bit. Right now you have someone feeding the division for their own benefit, hopefully soon things will start to get better, at least I hope so. 🌻🌻🌻

  5. Yes, well said, thank you! Apparently this extreme bitterness, and I would not hesitate to say selfishness has been simmering for decades. And I am flummoxed at the lack of doing what is good for all! We’ll keep breathing and working to improve our understanding of each other toward some common ground in the future. Thank you for your wise words.

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