The sun still rises

0722, O7 Novemeber, 2020

It goes without saying that I would not trade a single hair on any of my cat’s bodies for the extra space or an additional piece of furniture.

The inane poem which was my last post ended rather abruptly.

There have been one or two things on my mind.

Lately I’ve been working off two computers.

And since the cyber-crime incident, there has been a huge increase in the demand for passwords.

New passwords to be entered in two computers, oh not once, but for some reason over and over again.

There was also a new two-step requirement for a code that would only go to Grant’s phone, never readily at hand.

So I had to get it sent to my gmail account, which had to be re-set, with yet another password, round and round I went.

Bear in mind, I can’t see too well at the moment.

Reading glasses on, off, on, then I’d get up to do something else and put the glasses down….where…

In between my ISP was sooo slow….

It got to a point, last night…

The older computer has this issue, see….move the mouse just a tad the wrong way (and I’ve never discovered which way that is) and everything just slides off the screen…

Finally, with all the other tension and the not seeing…

….Evil Carolyn returned. Oh no. The old mouse went down with a bang, the keyboard went flying.

So did Grant and the cats. He thought it would be an excellent time to feed them supper.

My friend Tim used to tell me when I was upset to take deep breaths. He’s right, of course. It does help. I had to take a lot yesterday. Eventually I came back down to ground zero..


Today, though, the sun rose again. I was so tired, but I dragged myself out to look:

The moon was still loitering, half-heartedly:

It was a little fresh out there, but I love to watch the colours change as the sun nears the horizon:

Then here she came…

There is something so awe-inspiring in it. Forgive me. I know I belabor it a bit.

Meanwhile my little friend was waiting for his nuts:

“Hey Missus, can I have breakfast?”

He didn’t really say that. It was just a bit of fluff.

Then I settled down to try again with my computers and reading my email, got some perspective.

There are so many other things going on out there. So many people in distress.

The least I can do is keep the evil one at bay and be grateful.

And we have a new President.

I can breathe.

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