Keeping busy while we wait

Resorting to foolish poems as a distraction:

Multi Cats 

 How very empty my house would be
 If I didn’t have more cats than three.
 What would I do with the extra space,
 If all these cats didn’t share my place?
 Perhaps another chair would do,
 Instead of cat trees one and two.
 Perhaps another bed,
 Where the litters are, instead.
 Pictures on the wall,
 From where the shelves did fall.
 They came down in the night
 Causing such a fright.
 Cat shelves, you know,
 We had them high and low.
 Scattered blankets everywhere
 So numerous, I just despair.
 When a box comes through our front door
 A feline bottom claims one more.
 Dammit, they’re everywhere!
 I'm starting to pull out my hair. 

Two new “waterproof” throws arrived.

To cover the loveseat.

No sooner was the first in place………….

The second is still sitting in a pile, in the middle.

Because that’s where the cats want it.

The throw does match Willow’s eyes…

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