Blue. Blue. Blue. Keeping thinking blue.


The woe of Election Night

Some new form of Chinese torture
Ha. Chinese. That's appropriate.

Waiting for the votes to mount
Waiting for the final count.

Whose name?
Who won the game?

My guts are bent
My nerves are spent.

All stretched out
Like guitar strings


The Real Woe of the aftermath

In dawn's grey light
We saw a sight

We'd hoped not to see
So split would our country be.

The US Map
Half Red, half Blue
Not one big hue,

That would show we were united.
However now it does turn out.

"Fraud" has already been the shout
As fully was expected.

Also "stop the count" he said
As then he was ahead.

But many more hours it may be
Before they declare Victory.

Whoever wins, it will be a hollow one
With the nation so undone.


Blue, blue, blue.

My mood is very blue.

A country so divided, so stirred up, not a good thing.

Not when we have so many things to fix.

I’ll tell you how I feel: APPALLED

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