Dawn’s light

By the dawn’s early light

Despite my gloomy post, yesterday, the day actually started quite nicely.

For one thing I wasn’t seeing double.

Rejoicing this opportunity, Grant and I decided to go off for an early drive around the local countryside.

Which was a lovely way to start the day.



This was a failed attempt to capture the cheeky “DD” birds, but I sort of liked the moody result.

And this was a picture of nothing in particular.

Grant stopped to turn the car around and I liked the look of dried grasses in a field. My kind of colours.

Then I wanted a picture of the white-barked trees across the road, but Grant has not yet learned to instantly obey my commands.

Another group of trees got obscured by a truck.

Oh well.

White-barked trees are so beautiful.

Some, I know, are aspens, these, I’m not sure.

We rolled on past the traditional white picket fence.

With a wide open horizon

And traces of Fall still evident on the hills.

With so many trees naked, I was watching for silhouettes which were aplenty:

It was a good day for animals as well.

We stopped so I could get out to take a picture and we were accosted by this little chap.

As you can see, he was quite keen to meet us and I would love to have cuddled him, but we decided we shouldn’t risk upsetting someone’s dogs!

He had a smaller friend but I really don’t think they would have had us for brunch.

Reluctantly, I just took his picture and we continued.

In a meadow, a young fawn grazed, undisturbed by our gaze.

There were lots of deer, dotted all around.

A gaggle of wild turkeys crossed the road, in too much of a hurry for a good picture, but it was nice to see them as our own little family have not been to visit lately. As we looked up the road, 2 young bobcats crossed, going the other way, but they were in a real hurry!


Noticing these bright yellow leaves against the sky, I yelled “STOP!” and this time it worked, so I clambered out.

Glancing over my shoulder, I noticed something else:

Grant had told me there was a pond where he had seen geese the day before:

What?” they asked. “We do this everyday.” and I could watch them all day too. Swans and geese remind me of a favourite bird, now earthbound: Concorde.

Before long we were 2 minutes from home:

That’s “Maison de Yeti”, right there in the middle.

Ironic that this neighbour, a few months ago, managed to wipe out our electricity for several hours by flattening not one but two power poles.

One day I am going to turn the corner and flatten that thing.

My eyesight, you know.

Someone (not me) hung a couple of masks on it.

Does it remind you of anyone?


As we turn onto my road, we pass a horse farm. Once, their dogs came to greet us and we drove them home with much snorting and slurping! I so want a dog!

But for now, I’ll have to settle for scenery.

Later on, as I rode the exercise bike, a bobcat kitten came to look at me through the window.

Well, not really, but I did look at him,

Of course, the camera was elsewhere.

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