Chasing my blog

This was my first view of the day this morning.

Probably, I should have gone back to bed.

Not because I don’t love snow

Even though it was a surprise

My not-so-smartphone was still insisting that Cambridge was a balmy 65F and sunny.

It would have been a fine Saturday.

If not for the recently mentioned cyber-criminal

Every time a card is invalidated

It seems to over turn my entire life.

In this particular case, it was my blog.

Vanished. Gone.

No access.

Around and around in circles I went.

Slowly, I pieced things back together,

and somehow ended up with a Business account.

Er, no, I don’t need that, thanks all the same.

My domain was originally with Site Builder,

But WP took it over, I’m sure that’s right.

So why, when Site Builder couldn’t process payment

on my cancelled card, did everything “go south”?

No sooner had I re-activated Site Builder

Than my blog re-appeared.

Which was very nice, except somehow

I am sure I got screwed.


And I wasted an entire morning.

What did I say I was going to do to those

little swine?

After taking all these pictures, I remembered that when it’s cold out, you have to remember to de-fog the lens. But my world is a bit foggy these days anyway.

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