All Hallowes Eve

So now, because I was chasing my blog around yesterday, I’ve ended up with an update I didn’t especially want. Updates are always problematic for me. They always spell trouble.

Maybe if I wasn’t seeing double right now, I’d take a stab at all these new options.

But life is challenging enough at the moment.

After all, yesterday, all day, I was quite convinced it was Saturday.

Ha! You thought that was a test, didn’t you?

Well it wasn’t.

Having dismissed Friday, I got to do Saturday over.

Friday’s snow, followed by Saturday frost.

It’s so beautiful

As you can tell, I get carried away with it.

Tonight, for sure I’ll be taking pictures of the full moon, but I doubt it will look much different to the last two. Unless I manage to do something exotic with the camera….

5 thoughts on “All Hallowes Eve

  1. Well, you got a Saturday do-over and tonight, you get an extra hour, so hopefully things are getting better for you. I hate the extra hour in the fall because I spend most of it setting my clocks, watches and devices back. I like DST, but I would much prefer that the powers that be just pick one and stay with it.

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