Visually impared

It’s temporary, I am assured, but for the next month, while my cataract-free eyes adjust to their new “normal”, I am obliged to see the world in double, or to go around with one eye closed.

It’s a little distracting.

For reading, I can manage with a pair of drugstore glasses.

At the computer, it’s rather more of a challenge, given that my neck objects to the required extension. But never mind.

It looks more pink than red, but this is Mars.

Somehow that is how my camera captured it.

Then, in the dark I managed to engage the flash.

With an interesting result!

This is also Mars.

Edited with my wonky eyes.

Who knows what I shall see over the next month.

It won’t be pain management.

I’ve cancelled that arrangement.

Somehow returning to square one didn’t suit this old woman……

The night sky has always fascinated me. Apparently there will be a full moon on Halloween, first time in some 80 years. It figures it would come in 2020!

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