A loud noise, just after lunch, sent Blackie spiraling.

Visions of another stunned turkey came to mind.

But it was just this crystal orb.

It had suddenly flown off the window ledge

And bounced across the floor.

Who knows why?

Rising at “crack of sparrow” for an appointment didn’t do much for my sleep deprivation.

Though I had the presence of mind to grab my camera,

in order to photograph the dawn, which didn’t happen.

The day rolled in grey and wet

Like a dirty old mop.

When I made the appointment for 0730, I specified that I needed to be elsewhere by 0845 and was assured that I would have loads of time. In fact I made it with just 4 minutes to spare, only because the second location was close by.

How is it possible to be already 40 minutes behind schedule at 0730? It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day, does it?

And how is it that doctors almost never apologize for being late?

If I was late, they would cancel the appointment and charge me a cancellation fee.

It’s very rude.

On top of that, the doctor had obviously only just picked up my file and was staggering about blind.

Eventually, with a conspicuous look at my wristwatch, I guided the man to where I thought we should be.

Talking about spinal chord stimulators.

The appointment was intended for him to talk me through the ins and outs and discuss which type and so forth.

What I extracted was the information that I would need to have a “psych consult” first. I didn’t ask why, because I was getting seriously short of time and I even allowed the man to press on me paperwork for physical therapy and a facet injection “to keep me going while I await the trial”.

So who knows when or if it will happen. I went online to ask why the psych consult is required and I had to laugh. Some people, apparently experience “issues” with having a foreign device installed in their body. I may take the doctor an x-ray of my spine. It looks like the Eiffel Tower.

Not as pretty, though

More like the Leaning Tower

So ,more riding around in cars for little real purpose. Car riding is counter-productive in my case.

Did I mention my disenchantment with the medical profession?

Oh yes. I did.

2 thoughts on “Disenchanted

  1. I’m sorry for the way the doctors are treating you. I understand and you have a right to be upset. I wish you luck with the spinal cord stimulator. I have a friend that went through the trial and then had the permanent one eventually implanted. Physical therapy? How do they think that will help at this stage? The same goes for the facet injection.

  2. I came to the conclusion that the doctor must have been having a bad day or something was going on with him because he was just not with it at all!

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