For far too short a time, in 2008, Georgy came to live with me and my motley gang.

His story popped up on Facebook.

A caring person had noticed him in her street.

Neglected and being teased by children.

His long hair had not been groomed for so long,

he could barely walk

He was old and almost starving.

So she scooped him up and took custody

From the neglectful owner.

But, owning numerous cats already,

She needed to find him a home.

Georgy was Himalayan.

When I read the story, I wept

and emailed right away.

Explaining that I had multiple cats as well

But a very large house

And a loving home for another Himalayan.

So the kind lady came to check me out

And I was deemed fit.

Dearest Georgy came to live out his life with us.

He was my first one-eyed Himalayan

Later on, strangely, after Georgy was gone

I acquired another


Georgy was rather shy at first

He had been through so much.

But he soon adjusted and my cats accepted him generously

“What’s one more?” they said.

So he was my little old man

And I loved him a lot for the rest of his days.

I am still in touch with his rescuer.


Today I had my first cataract removed, and being temporarily one-eyed, I was reminded of this sweet cat, that was with me for all too short a time., my sweet, brave Georgy. XXX

10 thoughts on “Georgy

  1. I took my wife to the hospital today to have laser correction of a cataract op of 2016. 10 minutes and she was all done. Brilliant. 6pm appointment. A total of 1 hour 50 minutes from home and back. Thank goodness for the NHS.

  2. Loved the story of Georgy. I’m so glad he had a peaceful and happy ending to his life. I’m eager to hear how the entire cataract procedure goes for you. Mine is coming up sometime soon.

  3. Isn’t horrible what people will do to cats. Thank you both for rescuing this little cat and making the last of his life well cared for and happy.

  4. Thank you for giving him a loving home in which to spend the end of his life. I am always amazed at how much cruelty some creatures can endure and still be loving when given an opportunity. Thanks to you and his rescuer.
    And, congratulations on having completed the cataract surgery. I hope your vision will be greatly improved and the kitties will forgive you for their late lunch experience.

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