Cyber criminals

What I would like to do to cyber-criminals would me make seem like a crazed savage.

When I was done torturing them, they would keel over dead.

Victims. I was thinking of writing about victims. There are so many kinds. At one time or another, everyone is a victim of something.

Here’s the list I can think of, in no particular order and there are many more:


.Victims of circumstance


.Victims of disaster (many kinds)

.Victims of birth

.Victims of war

.Victim of plagiarism

Victims of abuse (many kinds)


.Victims of poverty

.Victims of bad judgment

.Victims of prejudice (so many kinds)

Victims of disease


.Victims of accident


. Victims of lies.

.Victims of scandal (not their own making)

.Victims of government (political victims)

.Victims of crime (so, so many types)


“Don’t be a victim”, they say. “Inform yourself”, “Assert yourself”, “Rise above”, etc etc

Easy to say.

What I had been thinking was that I have been allowing myself to be victimized by an indifferent healthcare system. Considering the various ways it has failed me, I got myself into rather a funk yesterday, wondering where I could find the energy to battle through to finding myself an answer that I could live with.

The situation I find myself in is not ideal, certainly, but were I to consider myself a victim, I only need to remember just how many real victims exist in this disordered and dysfunctional world. How could I dare to feel sorry for myself?

Then I found that once more some evil swine has somehow obtained a credit card number of mine and begun to use it. They have been phishing for some time and I carefully ignored them, but apparently they found a side entrance. Or whatever.

People who are desperate do desperate things and these are certainly desperate times.

But cyber-crime is the occupation of a particularly low form of human being.

May they rot in hell.

It’s not the small amount of money they tried to steal this time. I’d gladly give the amount to anyone in need. It’s the enormous waste of time involved, the inconvenience, the stress. I daresay everyone has experience with this, one way or another, and I know everything you are supposed to do to safeguard your information. But these low-life’s are far cleverer than the likes of me.

There is something quite a lot worse, of course, identity theft.

So far, I’ve not been a victim of that.

Who wants to be another Smith?

Sorry to have you looking at unhappy pictures, but I think it is a good time to remember the many millions on our planet who are in really dire straits.

8 thoughts on “Cyber criminals

  1. I hesitated to “like” this post. However it certainly is relevant to everyone and I’m sorry about your treatment by the medical system, I agree you are being treated very badly and the credit card scams I also agree are a tremendous waste of time. I am sorry!!!

  2. Cybercrime, along with our uncompassionate, agenda & profit-driven (non-individualized) medical system is becoming quite common these days. From my random readings on the web, your “medical treatment” was actually quite routine, and never meant to actually heal you. From my personal experience compromised credit, etc., is quite common, although I must admit the first few times it’s quite scary. As I see it, gaining back our personal health can be done under the philosophy that the body was created to heal itself. In our day and age that means learning our own body and its response to the inner and outer environment like a PhD student of ourselves and the holy being that we revere, and then acting accountably for our own benefit, as no one else will care as much or be in tune as much as we are, to ourselves. That takes a while, depending on the person, but it’s definitely do-able. In the financial arena I personally don’t have any experience with cybercrime because an FBI agent was kind enough to tell me exactly how the criminals wait to catch you. So I haven’t done anything online with financial stuff unless it was at the institution’s (bank in my case) internal in-house computer kiosk. Everything else I do by talking on the phone, but I still have been compromised several times. Yes, it’s a bother, but actually the financial institutions are generally very sympathetic, and helpful to set you up again more securely. Lots of steps, but oh well, at least the customer service agents are nice and go the extra mile for you (in my experience, anyway).

    1. And amazing you, for overcoming the oxy addiction! You’re a gutsy lady to just make up your mind, and then become unaddicted!

  3. It’s been a challenging year, but who, this year cannot say the same. Just a different sort of struggle. I have food and a roof and no one shooting at me…so far!

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