Getting needled

Tinks, Sikkim and Sasha watching Grant walk Toby…jealousy!

Opening one eye, I saw a red reflection against a wall.

Suddenly, I leapt out of bed and grabbed my camera.

Before I could stop myself I was outside in my bare feet.

Apparently not a good idea.

Feeling the wet cold grass with my toes, I remembered what Mum would have said “you’ll catch cold.”

But I know that’s not how it happens.

Within a couple of hours, however….

It seems that my “condition” reacts to the feet being treated this way.

The feet are now red hot and the ache has been creeping upwards all morning.

At least I know not to do that again.

Just as well I have acupuncture today.

Last week I purchased a jar of their pain ointment that contains 400mg of CBD oil among other things.

So far it’s proved to be the biggest help.

Not cheap. Of course. But worth it.

Tomorrow I have another consultation with Pain Management which may or may not have something to offer.

And next week I get to tell my PCP that he can present me with my certificate…

Sooner than expected, I am 100% oxy-free.

Not an experience I wish to relive but I know many people have a much worse time of it.

The people I feel for are those who, without oxy are left with no quality of life.

A few days ago, I thought I was one myself.

There are moments, if I’m careless, when I still feel that way, like when reading a book on my bed is painful

But then I had a couple of better days, so I guess I am still one of the luckier ones.

I still resent, as many do, having been treated like a drug addict.

In the meantime, I hope to get my eyesight semi restored with cataract surgery next week and the following week.

Of course I shall still have double vision, but the right lenses will sort that problem out.

In my enthusiasm this morning, I determined to catch the geese flying over, with dubious success…..

It’s not easy pointing a telephoto lens at the sky with the sun blinding you and the birds being so evasive! Still, I love to watch them fly and hear their call:

(“Look at that twit down there!”)

Experimenting with the micro lens, I captured these poor ladybirds. Not sure if they were trying to get together, but they were on opposite sides of the door.

We had a ladybird “storm” the other day.

Not sure why, but suddenly the house was full of them.

Just as well I am fond of them.

Grant says they suck moisture from your skin and bite.

But I’ve never had that happen. Yet.

So now I’m off to get needled…

5 thoughts on “Getting needled

  1. Way to go C Smith! I am so glad you are feeling much better without the Oxy even though you may feel more aches and pains! i love reading your countrywoman blog and seeing the pics of where you live and the friends in your neighborhood! Be well! ❤️

  2. Wow! Congratulations on great success! Best wishes for continued good progress toward being Oxy free and hopefully pain free too! I’m sure those beautiful kitties will help!

  3. This is indeed, good news. I didn’t know you were that far along in your quest to be free of the Oxy. So, congratulations on a job well-done. I hope the acupuncture helps with the pain.

    Down here in Texas, we have swarms of the Lady Bird Beetles’ look-a-likes that are Asian Lady Beetles. They are an invasive species and I have heard that they do bite. I have never had that problem, but neighbors have. The two species look almost alike except for the number of spots on their back.

    1. Thank you. There seems to be a variety of the ladybird beetles here too. Some are almost brown rather than red and their spots do vary in number. Grant says they are always thirsty, so I put damp paper towel on the windowsill. They do seem to like it, sometimes.

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