Fall fauna

Morning mist turned into a brilliant, mild day.

This little chap allowed me to capture his image.

Some may call him “just a sparrow”,

but to me they are all lovely.

He’s a White-crowned sparrow.

This one would only show his sweet fluffy belly

So I’m not too sure which type he is

Just cute.

This little chap is with the wrong crowd.

He’s the odd-man-out

I think he’s cowbird

They lay their eggs in other bird’s nests

So he probably got mixed up

I don’t think he knows he’s different

After all he doesn’t have a mirror.

We had a brief visit from these chaps that I decided are first year red-winged blackbirds.


Mrs Plod is as busy as ever and I hadn’t noticed till I saw the photo, but I guess she likes slugs!

What a very long way she’s come since we first saw her poor emaciated body

Fall brought out the skunks, why I’m not sure, but it’s nice to see them. I call this one Victoria because of the V shape on her back. Occasionally a skunk altercation takes place in the garden. You can always tell because they leave their delightful odor wafting on the air!


Our squirrel friends have kept us entertained all year, trying to figure out who is who and whether they change their clothes or if we have a rotating group. In the Spring we had so many red squirrels and then we had the ones with “tartan tails”, but they suddenly vanished, leaving room for the regular garden variety greys. This chap, though, has the longest tail I ever saw on a squirrel:


One day there was a flash of yellow:

Yellow-rumped warbler. But he didn’t stay.


Sometimes we have such brief visits, we haven’t a chance to get them to sign the register, as it were, ie: let me photograph them. One night it was the bobcat and another time a pretty nuthatch came to pick up a quick snack before continuing on his way.

5 thoughts on “Fall fauna

  1. Wonderful images. And I agree there’s certainly no such thing as “just a sparrow”. They are all beautiful if you look at them carefully. Your birds are far more colourful than in Britain. And we have no skunks unfortunately (or not!)

  2. Never “just a sparrow” I have noticed they are disappearing from my urban environment and they used to be so common, I miss them greatly. Love the photos they are all lovely.

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