Books that make me cry

Another short book list. I should say that most animal books make me cry, not only these. But these required several hankies and when I checked the specific pages, it required the reading of just a few words to bring it all back.

Some will call it an emotional weakness. Maybe it is, but it’s how I am. I prefer to think of it as been acutely sensitive. If you’re like me, you will love these books, but you will cry.

In no particular order:

A very old, true tale, charmingly told, as if by Mrs Chippy herself.

It is a particular favourite because Sir Ernest Shackleton happens to be a great hero of mine.

He was a true leader of men

And I like Caroline Alexander

This is a book I read quite some time before I ever met a wild turkey.

It is illustrated with endearing photos and drawings of wildlife.

It is beautifully written.

Surprisingly, I believe this was the first book I ever read by Dean Koontz, although afterwards I read countless numbers.

This one, Of course is my favourite.

Never mind that I cried a bucket.

What can I say. I’m a sucker for a man who loves animals this much and although I don’t currently have one, I am a great lover of dogs.

Here’s an unlikely tale

About the American West and a bison

Two more of my favourite things

More hankies required

A story from the 1960’s

About a little bird that I, of course, fell in love with.

We had a quail come to visit in my previous garden.

As I prepared to leave, I said to Grant how much I would like the chance to say goodbye. It didn’t visit often.

Believe it or not, I went to the front window and there was the quail, walking down the middle of the road. Truly.

Last, for now, but certainly not least

You would not believe how much a person could cry over a sparrow. This story got inside me somehow.

Well, alright, most of them do.

I’m so useless!

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