Grubbing in the garden

Inspiration derived from a family of slugs.

My mother would not be impressed!

But how cute is that little family?

I spotted them yesterday and grabbed a shot with my phone.

So now I know slugs like sliced carrot.

When I went back later, junior had moved on:

…and called a friend.


In the meantime I met a tiger moth caterpillar.

When they are out and about, it is said, Winter approaches, as they are seeking a place to hibernate.

The width of the rust band is supposed to indicate the type of Winter we should expect:

More brown: mild More black: severe


This being a fine morning and, feeling a rare spurt of energy, I decided to grub about in the garden.

Basically cutting back dead plants.

I’m not savaging bushes this year.

Flocks of geese came overhead to entertain me with their calls. So many different choruses. I’d love to know what they say. Two geese came past alone and I swear they were honking “Wait for us! Wait for us!”

Mrs Plod came by as well, looking for a peanut.

With days getting shorter, Mrs Plod’s hours have become most irregular. We see her at all hours now and in many different places.

For a creature that is deaf and blind, she certainly gets around.

We keep thinking up cute outfits to keep her warm this Winter, but I doubt she’d wear them.


More animals books from my list:

Scarlett Saves Her Family by Janes Martin & J.C. Suares. The famous story of the Brooklyn cat that went into a fire to save her kittens and of Officer Giannelli who found the kittens and then went looking for their heroic mother. Such an inspiring story.

The many wonderful books of British author Doreen Tovey. These are mostly stories of her many Siamese cats but she also told very funny stories about donkeys and horses and Grandma!

The book Grayson by Lynne Cox is the true story of a whale and a long-distance swimmer. I read this at the time I began fostering cats and one of my early intakes was grey and white, so he became Grayson, in honour of the whale. I remember being touched by the tale.

The following year I received one of my favourite books that touches me still, every day: The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton. This is the story of Charlie, an orphaned coyote and how he became such an important part of Ms Stockton’s life. I signed up to receive the daily emails and Charlie has been there in my inbox every day, ever since. For Charlie’s tenth anniversary, Ms Stockton produced the most wonderful book of her amazing photographs of Charlie. It too is treasured.

Last one for today: Once Upon A Flock by Lauren Scheuer. The author is a wonderful artist who happens to love chickens and writes beautifully about their adventures.

All good, uplifting stories for which I am so grateful…..

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  1. I am so glad you included The Daily Coyote….I look forward to the daily photos of Charlie….loved the book.

  2. I get my daily photo of Charlie too, ever since getting the book many years ago. Love it! She has a new book Meditations with Cows too.

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