How could I forget!

Yesterday’s mail brought a solicitation from The Fund For Animals. I have supported it in my humble way from the time I first became aware of its existence when I read “The Cat Who Came for Christmas” by Cleveland Amory, in 1987.

It was one of my favourite books! The story of Polar Bear. I fell in love with that cat! And of course I read the sequels: “The Cat and the Curmudgeon”, “The Best Cat Ever” and “Ranch of Dreams”. The latter is the story of the Black Beauty ranch Mr Amory created in Murchison Texas as a refuge for abused animals. Yes, named after the horse in Anna Sewell’s novel.

Polar Bear’s story so touched me, I was compelled to write to Mr Amory, the story of one of my own cats and he responded in such kind words.

Whatever humble writing I have done was motivated by that encouragement.

So it’s inexcusable that I failed to mention these books at the beginning of my list!

But I think it’s because I have been using my “library” as a guide and I seem to recall donating those wonderful books to some fund raiser or other.

I’ve done some strange things to raise funds, on occasion!

Well, not that strange, but I would never dream now of giving away favourite books. Sometimes I have seen an item I’ve donated, and bought it back. That kind of strange! And making jam, which for me was awfully strange.


In retirement, one has to scale back the monetary donations, as limited funds will only stretch so far, but The Fund For Animals will always be on my list, along with Best Friends in Kanab Utah, a place very dear to my heart.

These days, I think Best Friends is quite well known as their work is so extensive. I heard of them first, back in the 80’s when they had just got going.

Their work sounded worthy and I was actively employed then, so I sent them a small donation or two.

One day I got a call from Kanab. I was surprised to hear a British voice and it was not the customary request for more funds, but a “thank you” and an invitation to go and visit, should I care to volunteer.

I did care, very much and not long after, I went and was so impressed. Twice more I went to visit, each time delighted to see the progress and visit all the animals.

The sanctuary animals at Best Friends smile.

They are the happiest ‘rescued’ animals ever.




The colours here in Cambridge are changing fast now:

Time soon for a Fall foliage drive….

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  1. The Autumn foliage is beautiful where you are. I, too, am an admirer of the Black Beauty Ranch and it is less than 100 miles from me.

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