Days that rot

Some days are better than others.

Some days rot.

Waxing gibbous moon last night

Ours started with a hairball.

Nothing unusual about that.

We scoop them up by the bag full.

But this morning, suddenly:

Sikkim was contorted on the floor, crying.

Animals hide pain. Crying was not a good sign.

Her stomach seemed in spasms and she wouldn’t let me touch her.

After a minute, the spasms stopped and she got up.

Following her around, I saw her attempt to pass a stool.

What emerged was solid hair. Never saw a back end hairball before.

Afterwards she was subdued so we made an appointment with the vet, just in case.

While waiting for Sikkim’s appointment I checked emails etc and learned that someone’s beloved puppy had passed away last night. I never met the dog and don’t know the owners, but I can certainly imagine their pain. He was a very sweet pup.

Sikkim’s report was not so bad. Slight dehydration and probable nausea from having such awful gastric “events”.

I brought her home and she seems to have recovered.

It had been awful to witness the spasms that were obviously so painful. For a moment it looked like some sort of seizure and dire thoughts had crossed my mind.

But I think she’s fine.


Still, when I got home I was feeling blue about the puppy and said to Grant “I don’t need to hear about another dog dying today,” and went back to my emails.

A good friend in England lost his faithful old dog this morning.

Some days rot.


In need of something uplifting, I resorted to photographing the praying mantis Grant found on the front door.

Someone had told me they like being talked to, so we had a chat, briefly. Not sure she understood.

But she grabbed a feeler and began to groom

Then she carried on about her business. Mantises always used to give me the creeps, but I rather liked this one. So what if she eats her husband after sex….


The day is only half done.

I’m so hoping it won’t rot anymore.

7 thoughts on “Days that rot

  1. I love your very good photos of the Praying Mantis. I have had only one close encounter this year. A few weeks ago, I was clipping some overgrown plants in my flower bed and felt something on the back of my neck. I instinctively reached up and grabbed it. I saw that it was a full grown Mantis and instead of me being able to release it to another location than my neck, it started crawling up my arm and settled in my hair. Well, this went on for several minutes with no luck of convincing her to leave my body. Since I am aware of their preference for Rose of Sharon bushes, I walked across the yard (with her still in my hair) and finally was able to coax her onto one of the branches. This seemed to be OK with her and all was well. I haven’t seen her since, but hope she hasn’t been a bird’s snack. They are fascinating creatures to me.

  2. I forgot to add my hopes that Sikkim will be OK. I can sympathize. Minnie didn’t eat all day yesterday and only a few kibble this morning. We do worry when things get out of kilter with our babies, don’t we?

  3. Sikkim is fine but it was a scary moment as she writhed on the floor and looked panic stricken, crying. I thought we were going to lose her. She is such a sweet, funny little cat. Needs lots of cuddles. She adores Grant, stares at him for long moments. Always some drama! First time I ever tried talking to a mantis and it quite changed my mind about them! Thanks to you!

  4. Lovely photos and commentary as always! Thank you! I am delighted that Sikkim is all right. During this awful pandemic it is sometimes difficult to get in to actually see a veterinarian so I’m glad that was possible for you and Sikkim.
    I know the family that lost their puppy and you are right in thinking the pain they are feeling must be excruciating! I hope the rest of your day did not rot!

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