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My Balinese Kina and Yeti the Himalayan. Kina opted out to live elsewhere!

Our very first adoption, Cassie.

She was beautiful and she was sweet, so it was as well a home was found quickly for her.

Attachment grows all too soon.

“M” and Oliver were buddies and if ever we wanted to keep two cats, it was they, but Common Sense prevailed.

The lady who wanted Oliver was willing to take “M” as well, so we bade a sad farewell to them. But next day we got a call to say “M” had freaked out and wanted to come home.

It was sad to split them up, but Oliver did well and “M” was so happy to be back, he said he would stay to be the Cat in Charge.


So, some more books:

After leaving England, books were not readily available, so I accepted gratefully anything I was given. I have forgotten what most of them were, but I do recall the American Library loaning me a copy of James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans”, which I found very sad, though I have to confess I remember very little of the story.

After a bit of a gap, when all I had time to read was school books, I began a period of reading travel adventure stories, such as “South” by Sir Ernest Shackleton. I mention it because it is probably the most inspiring story of courage and determination I have ever known. Sir Ernest is my true hero.

Then there was Stephen King phase, but in between I found some wonderful animal books:

“Watchers by the Pool” and “Watchers in the Sun” by Margaret Reinhold, about cats in France.

The Norton Trilogy: “The Cat That Went to Paris”, “A Cat Abroad” and “The Cat that will Live Forever”, by Peter Gethers. About a Scottish Fold that travelled the world, even on Concorde once. I was very taken with Norton and would love to have had a Scottish Fold, but never did.

Then came a wonderful dog book “Last Dog on the Hill” by Steve Duno. I loved the book but it made me cry as so many of these books did.

and the list goes on…….

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