Stormy weather

The height of our tornado

It was ironic that my last post talked of owning twelve cats because that was the last day that I did. Own twelve cats. Now I only own eleven.

This was our Colin last Summer.

He loved arm chairs

He liked to meet people.

He would sit there like this and say:

“Hello. Who are you?”

I never heard a cat talk more than Colin

But a few months ago, at his physical, it was revealed that Colin’s kidney levels were starting to deteriorate.

So we purchased the special kidney diet and he did eat some as Colin would eat anything, but he eventually got bored with it and we had to feed him other things.

You do the best you can.

Then recently, Colin started to lose weight and his face took on “the look” of a cat not doing well.

A month ago I thought we would lose him, but it was discovered he had mouth ulcers which could be treated and he was so subdued at the time, he allowed subcutaneous fluid to be administered. He was revived.

Then the ulcers returned and wouldn’t heal and Colin didn’t want the subcutaneous fluid. He sat in the corner of a cupboard, not eating. When cats do this, it’s a cue.

In these complicated times, we wondered how it would be, at the vet. Owners are not allowed inside. How would we be able to just hand him over?

We were very thankful to Cambridge Valley Vet for the way they handled our sad task. Mercifully, it was a sunny day.

Colin was taken inside to be given a tranquilizer and we were brought around to the rear of the building under the trees, where Colin was restored to us, still alert and happy to be outdoors which he always loved.

We talked to him and petted him until he fell asleep, peacefully and then the lethal liquid was administered that would take him from his poor defective body and release the energy, the spirit that was our Colin.

We could not watch an animal we love suffer and I have no doubts that these are the right decisions but with each additional one, it hits me harder, it debilitates me.

Is it in part weaning from oxycodone that is affecting my mood? I’m sure it doesn’t help. I know that it will pass, as it always does. I try reminding myself of all the millions of people in the World right now who would love to trade places with me, but thinking of them serves only to make me feel worse.

Instead, yesterday, we moved furniture. Basically for the benefit of the cats. Now we just have to persuade them that they like the new lay-out.

Not long ago, I said Lily had abandoned me for Grant.

Lily always could read my mind. If I had to give her a pill, my thinking of it was sufficient to make her flee.

So I guess she read what I wrote or intuited it from my mind and a day or so later, there she was, back beside me.

Cats are very mysterious creatures.

And very beloved.

God speed Colin sweetheart

10 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. Every time one of our animals leave us, it hurts. Whether they are sweet tempered like Colin or grumpy or difficult animals that we are blessed to care for – letting them go is hard. Bless you and Grant in this time of grieving and hold your comfort kitties close. Been there – done that and know how painful this is… and what a long shadow each animal casts in our hearts.

  2. Oh they do! Colin didn’t like me for a long time. He used to swipe at me , even bit me (not hard) but we had become friends and he sometimes honoured me by sleeping on my bed. I miss his little talks!

  3. Colin was a beauty!
    I am losing my precious Coco today to the same condition your Colin experienced. Kidney issues, lack of appetite, weight loss, hydration and finally the ulcers which was the time we knew we couldn’t do anything more to help her. As you say, “we do what we can” it is never enough, we pour our love into them as if that will work a cure. However the time we had was precious. God Speed to your Colin and heartfelt sympathy to you.

  4. I am so, so sorry for your loss.
    It is so difficult to make the decision, and then to say goodbye to our companions.
    I loved the way your vet handled the situation, during these Covid times.
    May you find comfort in all of your memories of sweet Colin…..
    Sending hugs to you and your family. 💝

  5. My heart is breaking for you and Grant at this sad news. You had prepared us for the inevitable, but it was still a shock. I’m so glad you both got to be with Colin as he left this world and began his next big adventure with a youthful and healthy body. I loved the stories you shared with us of the things that he did that were unique only to him.

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. Gingers are something a little extra special. He was lucky to have you as his person. May the sweet memories ease the pain of the separation.

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