dear little clouds, just drifting along

Our sky has been full of drama these past few days. At the risk of boring you with these endless offerings, I may get around to choosing a handful, from the day we did not get a tornado.

Glancing out the window and all around, I decided my life was not at risk and instead of plunging directly down the basements stairs, I instead took photographs and was mightily entertained for over two hours.

But first I want to introduce you to “Sam”. It’s a fawn of unknown gender, hence a name that will suit either case. My personal feeling is that it’s a girl, a naughty little coquette….

This is Sam. We believe it’s the fawn that was born at the bottom of my field in the Spring. It’s been leading it’s poor mother a merry chase almost since the moment it could stand.

“Life is fun” it declared

“It’s so good to be alive!”

There it is, just arrived on May 27th. Mother all happy and pleased with its new offspring…

…and there’s the little bugger, already making off by itself!

“Where’s it gone now?”

Poor Mum.

We saw her frequently looking for her child.

Little Sam came to visit us, often skipping ahead in front of mother, romping through the meadow, joy personified. That creature was so happy to find itself alive and in a body that could run and jump in a sunny, grassy field.

Once, we saw her in the meadow searching as if she’d rushed off so fast, she’d got lost. But not for long. Mother always caught up with her exuberant babe.

Sam grew so fast but still retained the beautiful stripes and dots of childhood.

Sam discovered apples! And how to make balletic poses. Such elegance.

Grant says apples are hard for deer to manage, so he began cutting them up into bite-sized pieces.

One evening I was out enjoying the dusk and a movement caught my eye, down below. It was the child, out late, looking for a bit of fun. It disappeared into the brush.

But was soon back beneath the apple tree.

It comes alone and looks at us with a cheeky air that says “I know I’m beautiful and you can have my picture if you’d like” and then Sam takes a couple of long strides and easily clears the tall weeds at the tree line.

“See you later”, I hear.

To see so much joy in a wild creature is special.

If I knew it was a girl, I’d make that her name: Joy

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  1. There is so much hatefulness in the (political) world these days. It’s so hard to avoid it unless we go live in a cave. All the more reason to look forward to your posts. They bring me, well…..JOY!

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