Waxing Gibbous

Meet baby Flicker.

He suddenly turned up in the disgusting grass beneath the kitchen window.

Isn’t he handsome?

Note about the disgusting grass: if you throw bird seed out, some of it is going to grow and you might not like it. But just why I have all these empty patches I’m not quite sure.

I’m particularly fond of Flickers. I used to see them in Washington too. I had proper feeders there and what a mess that soon turned into. Squirrel baffles. Ah ha hah. You know how squirrels look at you, through the window, so sad and starving? I ended up feeding everybody.

These days you’ll find me in the kitchen, late in the afternoon, not preparing dinner, but peeling oranges for Mrs Plod. (My supper is much less involved!)

Because it makes it much easier for her to enjoy them.

And because it’s a pain to have to pick up the peel that nobody wants!

Perhaps this nightly feast is what’s doing in the grass.

That’s Laurel and Hardy with Mrs Plod.

Orphans, perhaps.

It’s very annoying that Grant always seems to spot things first. Like this wonderful stag. He came by a couple of times.

When I went outside last night to capture the sky, I appreciated how the stag felt, as mosquitoes swarmed.

But I skipped around for a bit, evading them and snapping pics

Isn’t it interesting how different things look in the evening light. Just blobs of colour.

And just as I decided to call it quits and run back inside, look who peeped out at me:

My friend the Moon, currently 392,605 kilometres distant.

7 thoughts on “Waxing Gibbous

  1. Well, you may be having problems getting your meds situated, but your photos are great, your feathered and furry friends are great subjects of interest, and your ability to deal with the very unique personalities of cats (all 11 of them) and report back to us, is something I look forward to each day.

  2. Yes! Agreed to everything Linda has said! Good luck with the meds and thank you for being so very kind to all of the precious creatures who seem to come into your life. Especially at thuis time, Mrs Plod who is I’m sure delighted to partake of your kindness.

  3. Do Mrs. Plod and Laurel and Hardy come before it gets dark? Your photos are so clear and it looks like it’s still daylight. My possums and raccoons don’t come to my porch until very late, almost midnight. The Flicker is a beautiful bird. I have never seen one around here.

  4. The raccoons have been coming just before dark, once in a while late afternoon. Mrs Plod was coming at the same time but haven’t seen her for a few days. She does come after dark too but it’s a matter of whether I happen to look out then! We found out where we think she lives so put oranges up there now, by an apple tree. Less distance for her to walk. Poor thing is blind. Have to admire a creature that manages in spite.

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