Venus mon amie Indulge me it’s from my childhood

It’s amazing what you see, when you look at the right moment. In this case Venus, hanging low on the Eastern horizon, just before dawn this morning. Such a pretty star/planet:

It would no doubt have made a better picture if I had gone outside, as the window glass becomes a problem, but at 0445am, it wasn’t going to happen. I did consider, for a nano second, watching the sun come up, but there were no clouds to make it exciting and with that excuse I fell back in bed.

And listened to a chorus of cats: “Well we’re up now, so you should feed us.”

No, I should not.

Mornings are rough, these days.

Yesterday, we had to rise at 5 am for the re-scheduled MRI.

Grant was bright and perky and as it was misty, he said the hummingbird on feeder would make a great picture.

Seriously. Hummingbird pictures at 5 am.

Even the bird wasn’t impressed.

Yet this morning I was fumbling with the camera even earlier, in the dark and without my glasses.

It’s all about motivation. At that hour, it needs to be my idea!

Yesterday was one of those days when, every time I sat down to do something, I got interrupted:

Washing machine, cats, Grant needing to show me something…..however I am not yet blase enough about the whole wildlife thing that when Grant said :”the stag is here again”, I could ignore him.

This was a younger one and he posed for pictures, like a nice young man.

The Monarch butterfly I had spotted earlier was a little harder to pin down:

obviously, I must try harder next year with my cone flowers. Some sort of bug has been nibbling on them since they popped up and they are rather a tatty mess. Fortunately Madama Butterfly found enough to please her.

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  1. Madame Butterfly picked the perfect flower to compliment her lovely colors. I have grasshoppers that are nibbling on some of my plants. Maybe that is what has gotten to your cone flowers.

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