“What is that?” I asked myself, looking from the kitchen window. A dove had been snatched from that site but most of the feathers had dispersed.

It looked like a pair of sticks, but of course it wasn’t.

This was what was left after some 15 hours.

Arranged just so.

Does it mean anything?

I doubt it. I just look for messages, especially in Nature.

Quite often I see hearts, although this is in “Nature’s Best.” Cat litter, that is.

That was the day after Thimphu died suddenly.

When I was really clutching for messages.

Sometimes a piece of news, or a message, will strike me, like an arrow through my heart. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with me personally, but suddenly, the tears are flowing and won’t stop.

In this case, I suspect my melancholy mood was cultivated by a very lovely but rather piercing piece of music I found the other day It’s called Hymn of Eternity by Peter Roe. Don’t listen if you are sad! It will make you weep.

Grant came past and wanted to know what started it this time….he knows, now, not to get excited by my tears. Most men flee at the sight, of course. “Change your music,” he suggested.

He’s got a point, but instead I agreed to a cup of tea and while he was working on that I went to move the hoses and came back in soaking wet. That’s one way of washing away tears.

One of my feathered friends put on a performance this morning that I offer you on his behalf:

Followed by a second, aquatic act:

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