Nature’s day off

Asiatic Lilies

Oh joy, unconfined! What a delight to be wakened by the sound of falling rain. I had to raise a curtain to check, as no rain had been forecast and it seemed too good to be true. But it was.

Actual raindrops on my flowers.

Interestingly, the wildlife responded by apparently staying late in their beds. When I went out to insert yet another block of suet in the feeder, I heard joyous birdsong, however, and not long after our feathered friends were back in attendance.

Not so the squirrels. Though, we have noticed, that on certain days, they just don’t show up, as if they have all been called to a union meeting. I tried to pin it to a certain day of the week, but of course they are not aware of our calendar, so their absences are not predictable.

Little Red, however, does not belong to that union, and he was out there enjoying not having to fend off all the others.

It’s hard to believe that they are afraid of him, but the big squirrels are also afraid of Zoomer, the chipmunk.

The rain didn’t last long, but I am counting the garden as having been watered today. Three days work out there have left me sore.

Besides, I have letters to write. Just short ones, but real, actual letters.

A friend of mine actually lives without a computer!

He’s a nuisance. Email is so much easier.

Remember the Bird’s Foot Trefoil?

Somehow, it has been surviving the dry spell, a little oasis of green and yellow in the middle of the brown, dried-up grass.

I was so impressed by it that I have now made a point of ensuring it gets watered.

Three raccoons came by last night, one big fat boy and 2 skinny mums, but so far no babies are allowed out. Also no sign of the missing bowl, or the thieving skunk! What do skunks want with metal bowls?

Before I was allowed to retire for the night, I had to allow Colin to “drink it”.

It was was just as well, because I finally took notice of Sasha.

She had been wailing, but it’s something we hear periodically through the day, when she “talks” to her basket.

Except last night she wasn’t in her basket.

She got locked in the treat cupboard. When she gave up trying to get the jar open, I guess she got tired of being locked in, so she started hammering on the door.

I opened it and out she shot, knocking the treat jar on the floor with a big crash.

Which scared the raccoons away.

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