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There have been endless interruptions of late and I can’t get my brain to function, so I think I shall stick to posting animal pictures for now.

The one above is cat lunch. Lily and Sasha helping themselves because they have no manners. At lunchtime they get a tablespoon full of kibble. If we were to put a “grazing” bowl down, Colin would eat the lot, promptly, and he is already far too large.

We really don’t over-feed him.

Colin and Sikkim are supposed to be on special diets. I spent a fortune procuring something I thought they might find palatable. If they had opposable thumbs, they would no doubt have bounced the cans off my head.

Colin will usually eat anything but even he began to protest. “Too blah.” “Too boring.” That’s what his commentary sounded like.

Sikkim is at least more polite.

Put her special food in front of her and she’ll look up:

“Oh, no thank you!”

Offer a second bowl of something different:

“No, thank you very much.”

Occasionally she just looks appalled, as if to say:

“What’s this?’

Sometimes we can persuade her by sprinkling Forti Flora over her food, but then, if Sasha is nearby, she’ll smell it; “Oh cool! Can I have some?” “Please.” “Oh please., please….” “GIMME SOME!

Meal times for 12 cats is always a fiasco.

Years ago, when Tom Cox used to write about his cats, he had a picture of his 7 little darlings all lined up neatly.

Even when I had only that number they wouldn’t cooperate.

Toby just got back from the vet, after getting topped up with fluids for the second day in a row.

Tuesday evening he didn’t come for food and could not be coaxed. He was plain droopy.

So yesterday he was at the vet’s: He has an upper respiratory infection & bronchitis.

He is really thin and seems so fragile and there could be pancreatitis….

I worry about him. (It’s what I do best.)

Today he got more fluids and an appetite stimulant, so he ate a bit. Poor Toby.

I wish I could hug him better:(

Here’s another cat. #13? Noooo! And not a replacement for Pancho , either.

We don’t know where this chap comes from, but he is not a regular visitor. He stops by sometimes at night. This is the first time he’s been seen in daylight. Not feral.

But we will not be befriending him, otherwise he will take it as an invitation, and we are having such fun seeing the extra wildlife now that Killer has re-located.

Which is a shame, because he looks so nice! It’s hard for me to see a cat and not talk to it.

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