Nature’s gifts

Light is always playing tricks on me. We get some amazing sunrises here, but for sunsets the house is not properly situated. I suggested to Grant that we should jump in the car at these times, and go up the road a bit, but he always says there’s nowhere to pull over.

One of these evenings I’m going to grab the keys and go by myself. I very much doubt it will cause of problem. Who’s going to ticket an old lady watching a sunset?

Last night, however, Nature provided a sort of consolation prize, as it were. The clouds to our East suddenly lit up:

Sundown is such a special time of day in the country. In the cool of evening you can enjoy the natter of birds settling to their roost, having a little chat before nodding off, and the sounds of crickets and “peepers”, tiny tree frogs. Sometimes you may hear a tractor in the distance, but I class that as an acceptable, country sound. Briefly, before the “biters” come out, it is so peaceful.

The curtains in my bedroom are not light-proof and at this time of year, morning comes very early. Daylight always wakes me, but this morning I came to with a jolt. For a moment, I thought I was back in the dormitory at the convent where a nun would throw on a light, clapping loudly and yelling: “Benedicite”, to which we were supposed to jump out of bed , replying: “Dominus vobiscum”.

This morning’s light was so bright, I sat up, startled, thinking I must have slept late. But the house was quiet, so I got up and went to an eastward facing window to see if I should bother grabbing my camera. It’s been a while since I’ve coordinated early waking with the right kind of weather.

Next thing you know, I was out in the meadow in my slippers, wading through clover which seems to have replaced dandelions at the moment. It’s a feast for all the wildlife that enjoy it.

When Toby was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, I took a ride, with Grant driving. Taking my camera seems to have become second nature and I decided to show you the 8 minute route to our veterinarian. I love it at any time of year.

Not a human in sight! The house in the trees is my neighbor who is just down the hill.

Beneath my house is this wild field,

As opposed to the meadow, which is beside the house.

I love stormy skies…

Which often result this way:

It was Nature that inspired me to get a camera with a zoom lens. Now I need a wide-angle…

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