Animal antics

As easily as pushing buttons on my keyboard, here we are, back in the 21st Century. Whoopee! Do I have to stay here? I liked 1985 better.

The past 2 weeks in particular have seemed obnoxious. For all sorts of reasons, but then came relief in the form of wildlife which has been such fun, except that I have spent so much time gawping out the window and trying to sort out photographs, everything else has fallen by the wayside.

First of all we had the arrival of baby groundhogs:

Next time Grant went to the kitchen window, he called me again: “Carolyn, come quick!”

A few weeks ago we were surprised to see a squirrel with very red hair. In fact we had numerous squirrels with varying patterns of red, including the one that looked as if it had taken Presidential advice and played with a Clorox bottle:

However these half-red squirrels are full sized, just like their grey cousins (?)

At the time, I checked to see what sort of squirrels were are supposed to have and discovered that there is something called an Adirondack Red squirrel. I supposed this was what we were seeing although the picture on the internet was a bit different, more like…..

Our new little visitor is most definitely an Adirondack Red Squirrel. I suppose he doesn’t realize that we only border the Adirondacks here.

He is TINY. He is the same size as Zoomer (chipmunk).

And he is soooo cute. The first time he came, he sat beneath the kitchen window eating for 6 hours straight. Grant wanted to go and rescue him from over-eating!

Eventually he rolled underneath the porch and presumably went to sleep.


We had another really cool event recently, but it happened so quickly, I wasn’t able to coordinate a photograph, at least not one I can post!

It’s always Grant that sees things! He called me: “Oh Carolyn, come, hurry”. When he says things like this, I’m never sure if it’s an indoor or an outdoor drama, or which bit of equipment to grab. I usually opt for the camera which tends always to be elsewhere!

Grant also always tells me, quite unnecessarily: “be very quiet, move slowly”….

If I see something I think he will want to see, I yell “bob cat/bob cat/bob cat”, for example. I think that is far more efficient, don’t you?

Anyway, I got to my bedroom window in time to see Mama Deer coming up our slope, with her two-week old fawn. When the fawn reached our big meadow, she seemed overcome with joy. She took off, frolicking madly around and around in big circles on her long, delicate legs. What a beautiful creature she is.

All the time mother stood there looking vexed. “Stop that!” she seemed to say. Finally she rounded her baby up and they continued on their way. A lovely start to a day.

It was a moment of pure, innocent joy and quite special to witness.


I have some more animal photographs to come….

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  1. So beautiful babies and the squirrel, which is pretty similar we have in Finland! Thank you for sharing! Animals 😊❤️

  2. It’s such fun reading about and seeing photos of your animal visitors. I can’t wait to see what you will post next!

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