Wild lilac (?) blowing in a stiff, warm breeze

It always happens this way, Summer arriving like a slap in the face. One day it’s deliciously cool, next day it’s like someone opened an oven door. And the natural World reacts with a terrific growth spurt.

This is my second Summer in this house and I am still discovering things in the garden I’ve never seen before. Including what I assume is a wild lilac. It is just below the rim of the slope going down to the field. Getting to it, to capture a decent photograph should be easy, but if I stray as much as a foot off the mowed grass, ticks get me.

Dastardly things. They attach to your clothes and conceal themselves in a hem or a fold and then they work their way into some remote (quite likely private) part of your body. Then they suck your blood. If you shower alone, it’s quite likely you won’t find the wretched little things.

It’s not that I am an insectophobe. I find most insects quite interesting, But I don’t like things creeping up my neck unauthorized, and I don’t like insects that take my blood in exchange for nasty little pathogens or parasites that can make you really sick.

Nor am I particularly keen on being stung by hornets or wasps. Usually those guys are defending their territory and I do my best to stay away, but back in Washington one day, a vindictive wasp followed me around for no good reason and attacked my hand which blew up like a balloon.

It seems these days that I am allergic to quite a few creepy crawlies and they zero in on me, the moment I put my head out the door. Just another excuse to avoid gardening? Perhaps, though it is a valid one. But I came up with a possible solution for my gardening deficiencies.

My cleaning lady came back to work last week and I had been thinking of asking her if she also did garden work. As it turned out, she told me herself that she could do it. So now I just have to figure out what to have her do, since I barely know a weed from a watering can. Between us I daresay we can figure it out.

It will give me more time to worry about my wildlife friends.

Like this poor exhausted Mama Squirrel that was so tired she had to take her peanuts lying down.

The poor creature looked so sore!

The trees around here must be full of teeny tiny baby squirrels as there are numerous moms in this condition.

Meanwhile. Poor Gimpy has not been seen for days.

I really hope he wasn’t lunch.

This fine chap turned up last night,

And took a bow.

4 thoughts on “Tickled…?

  1. I’m happy you had a kitty to calm you after this frustrating experience! I go through similar anxiety with one of my medications, every three months, with the insurance company. My Hanafords and my doctors are great ,but I’m always anxious that I’ll have to “fight” with my insurance company before the script will be filled. Keep your kitties close!

  2. Well, I don’t quite have this Word Press reply thing mastered yet. I’ll get better. I meant for my comment to go with your piece about the missing script. “Blowing your Cork”.. I understand your anxiety and frustration completely .. And I love all of your pieces! Thank you!

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