Yearly blessing?

It’s one day short of a year since the previous blessed event I posted about.

Yesterday morning when I was out in the garden I heard what sounded like an animal huffing. At first I thought it was coming from the ground hog hole down the nearby slope that goes into the lower field.

For a while I listened and decided the sound was coming from father away, across the field. Aware of the date, and knowing that a deer had gone into those bushes not long since, the thought of a new baby did come to mind but, I thought, “what do you know?”

So imagine my delight, this morning, when Grant suddenly said “there’s a deer down there, I think she’s given birth.”

Just the one, this time, but I am so pleased that my field has been chosen again!

As far as we know, last year’s babies thrived.

We have certainly seen young deer around, but I don’t know how the herd disperses as it grows.

We generally see a group of 6.

The arrival of last year’s babies prompted the purchase of a better camera. Although the result is better, there is certainly room for additional improvement. However, unless someone comes out with a high-powered zoom camera for idiots, I think I have gone as far as I dare, camera-wise!

Last night, as the sun was setting I happened to glance out the window and for some reason was mesmerized by:

Would you believe dandelions?

They were waving in the long grass and it was such a peaceful, simple scene.

I love that time of day.

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