Venturing out

For the first time in over two months, yesterday, I was persuaded to take a ride with Grant, on his weekly shopping expedition. I had expressed interest in adding a shelf to my bathroom wall and Grant thought it would be better to find one locally, rather than shop online, always my preference!

Grant asks me each week if I want to go for a ride, after all I don’t have to leave the car, but I’ve always said “no’. I wasn’t exactly enthused yesterday, either, but I thought if I didn’t get out soon I really would turn into a hermit.

Actually, I realize, I have told a small lie. Last week I was allowed to pop out to pick up Penny’s prescription from the vet. It’s an 8 minute journey and I met one person, so I think that hardly counts. Yesterday, we started at Lowe’s who could not provide anything remotely resembling a bathroom shelf.

So then we continued on to Walmart, where we were solemnly directed to funnel through the correct entrance in order to get counted. I empathized with the young man whose job it was to keep a rolling head count! I mentally wished him luck but my beautiful smile was of course wasted beneath my charming cat mask.

Grant needed a printer but it was a good job he wasn’t choosy as it was a matter of buying what was available, which wasn’t much. He got a Hewlett Packard which he seemed to install with a minimum of fuss, declaring that Microsoft doesn’t require all that “Apple BS”….or words to that effect.

Bathroom shelves…nope. None to be seen. I knew online was the way to go. So back to the car and while Grant shopped for groceries at Hannaford’s I just sat and decided that on the whole, I could have done better staying home.

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This sentiment was re-inforced as Grant drove the rest of the way home while various slow-moving vehicles conspired to annoy him. Probably, there are male drivers in this world who do not rant and rave and dub fellow drivers with impolite names. I have yet to meet one. One thing I have certainly not missed, while “sheltering in place” , is being chauffeured around while listening to a diatribe about everyone else’s driving skills.

In the meantime, while we were out, it seemed as if the garden had put on a growth spurt.

Suddenly, I have milkweed and quite a few more than last year. I am delighted with this as that is what the Monarch butterfly caterpillars prefer. Gorgeous they are, in both configurations!

The very simple shelf that I ordered online should arrive in a week or so and then, hopefully, Grant will be persuaded to install it for me. Who knows, while he’s in the bathroom, maybe I’ll actually get him to caulk the shower as well……

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