Something old

Kathleen Deer was my great-grandmother, on my father’s side. She was awarded a little book of poems in 1889 “for general improvement”.

I don’t know who the teacher was.

The book somehow came into my father’s possession and eventually to mine.

Sadly it was in bad shape when I received it and now it is literally falling to bits.

But the pictures are still pretty.

I’ve no idea if Great-grandmother liked cats.

Or birds, or bunnies.

I’ve always treasured the book and I’m sad to see it disintegrating.

I’m not sure there will be anything left of it to pass on:(

6 thoughts on “Something old

  1. Greetings from the Olympic Peninsula. I love your writing, photos and memories – these will be your legacy. And here is this dear little book captured for everyone to enjoy…

  2. What a treasure you have in this little old book. I love these simple poems of bygone times.

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