This sky was something of a surprise this morning. I didn’t expect to see crisscrossed contrails again any time soon. Is this progress? Who knows. There is a definite sense of “every man for himself”.

So, I plan to be careful and see what develops. Not much else I can do.


You know those days that start out so well and you think you’re going to get so much done and then you get derailed? That’s me today, although I don’t even know where it went wrong.

My plan was to do some very minor gardening while the weather is fine. Well perhaps it could still happen if I get a move on…

But first I wanted to show you our new visitor.

Grant and I were standing in the kitchen when he suddenly said “What’s THAT!”

Hard to miss this little chap.

Isn’t he beautiful?

He’s a Baltimore Oriole, of course.

I had hoped to see one last year but we had the wicked Mr Pancho patrolling the garden then.

Obviously, the word was out about Pancho.

Since he moved away, there has been a huge increase in the bird population here. I loved the dear boy and missed him for a long time.

But I am so happy to see so many birds.

And hopefully Pancho is happy, wherever he is.

Except for the sweet-natured little doves, most birds are nervous of being photographed. In particular the Titmouse. He is so pretty and so elusive, likewise the Flicker, and the Thrasher is always in such a tearing hurry! But I do my best with a camera that is far too sophisticated for me. I pick the thing up, point and focus and wait to see what occurs. The camera seems to change modes all by itself, so I never know what will happen. I think it’s trying to teach me all by itself!

Now…a cup of tea and a spot of brief gardening. Unless I get derailed again…

2 thoughts on “Aviators

  1. I love them. There seems to be so much colour variation in the birds. I didn’t include any cardinals but I have quite a few pictures of male and female. They don’t seem so camera shy. After all they must know they are stunning!

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