What’s up over there?

Activity on the hill…but what?

You could say that my day started off with this, but you’ll have to look hard to see what it is supposed to be.

Actually it’s the moon and Jupiter (I think).

Usually if there is something to see up there at night, I will get sufficiently motivated to gear up and go outside.

But these past nights the cats have been fractious and it’s starting to get my own hackles up.

When I worked for that airline, I was obliged to rise at 3 am, but I’m retired now, see, and it’s lost it’s appeal.

To tell the truth, I had forgotten about the moon and Jupiter being visible last night, but when the cats get me up I frequently meander about, and around 3 o’clock I found myself at the front window.

Better photographs would definitely have been captured outside, but it was cold and I was cranky. Anyway, who would really care?

So I put the camera to sleep, stepped on Colin, then as an after thought, because I could hear him purring, I went back and said sorry. Then staggered back to my own bed, after stopping to pet Willow who had abandoned her new perch by my bed and curled up by the fire.

Yes, the cat dormitory is having issues again.

4 of the cats seem to like sleeping in my room. Others come and go.

To accommodate the little dears, I live in clutter and disarray. But one must make sacrifices.

Two storage tubs, covered with blankets live under the window.

Patches resides on one of those.

Blackie usually sleeps as close to me as she can manage, but until I put the light out she usually perches elsewhere.

Except when I am trying to sketch, in which case sitting on me is much more interesting.

Lucy sleeps wherever she thinks Willow would prefer.

Willow. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

But she is complicated.

She is fussy. She doesn’t like sitting on blankets that have too many other cat smells on them. In a 12-cat house…

For a while she was sleeping on my bed, but Colin came in and ruined that with his disgraceful behavior.

I brought in the cat tree to add two shelves and that worked for a night or two, till Lucy and Blackie took it over.

And sometimes, Penny will bag one of the spots.

It’s not as if Willow looks around and thinks “oh well, I’ll go somewhere else then.”

She comes beside my bed with her little cry, like the sound of a squeaky toy. She wants to be with me, because she goes away and then comes back, numerous times.

Maybe she’s telling me to move by the fire with her.

I should just tell her to choose a pew and go for it.

But she won’t.

So last night I picked up a small side table from the living room and when the others were settled, I covered it with freshly laundered blankets. No-one else went to investigate and after a while, Willow came and settled down to sleep. But I think she was only humouring me. Because at 3 am, she was by the fire. Maybe when the weather finally warms up and the fire goes off permanently, Willow will stick out the night with me.

Meanwhile it looks as if I shall be moving furniture every night.

As for the hill opposite….it’s none of my business, of course, but you can’t help being curious about what is in plain sight. Right?

2 thoughts on “What’s up over there?

  1. I’m curious, too. I see some faint tire tracks, but what the bigger dark splotches are is puzzling. If you figure it out, let us know. I hope the cat antics don’t cause you to become sleep deprived. Love your description of them, though!

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