Oh snow!

Just before I retired last night, I saw a newsflash. Mostly, these days I don’t pay attention to those things, because I can’t believe a single thing I hear or read anymore from the media. I’m sure some still try to relay the truth, but who knows if they are even able to unravel it.

This newsflash, however, was related to the weather. It occurred to me that it might be a joke, but no-one seems very jokey at the moment. So I passed the info on to Grant and went to bed.

Around 1 am I woke and decided to look outside. They were not joking! Snow.


And when I rose again, some hours later, I saw that it had kept on snowing. About 5 inches worth.



Many times I’ve said that I like snow.

But see, this is May.

Poor trees. There are leaves beneath that stuff.

My lilac all ready to bloom.

My favourite tree just coming to leaf.

Grant says they will recover.

I hope he’s right.

The above and below are approximately the same views, 5th May top and 8th below.


No doubt Grant is right about the plants.

But look at this poor guy.

His tail is not designed for snow.

And all these guys.

Suddenly they’re all friends.

All eating together.

But when the grackles arrive:

“Oh, it’s the pest. We’ll go back to bed then.

Now, while I always like to see snow, I was a little concerned for the wildlife.


Not the woodpecker, but all those other poor creatures that came out of hibernation recently.

Yesterday I put a new block of suet in this feeder.

This morning I noticed a lot of tracks in the snow, all around the porch, and the suet block was gone. So I wondered if a hungry deer had managed to get it out.

I have another suet feeder under the apple tree but I stopped filling it because the deer got to it every night.

At least now the deer have grass under the snow.

Anyway, it’s all come good.

Snow is melting fast.

Although it’s supposed to be cold again tonight.

For me, any day is good that starts with a new bird. This is the first time I have seen a grosbeak since I came to Cambridge. Today, with the snow, Mr and Mrs Rose-breasted Grosbeak arrived. Someone must have told them about my feeders.

Birds absolutely delight me.

And I admit, so does snow.

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  1. Crazy having snow in May! Up here in Northern Scotland there have been hail stones but no snow not even on the mountains visible from my window. Frosty at night though. Like you say, it’s a terrible shock for plants and wildlife. My cat Willow was skulking indoors today and griping about the cold rain. Hopefully the sun will return soon.

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