May Moon

Clear sky in Cambridge taken just an hour before……..

We were supposed to have a wonderful moon rise last night, the last of this year’s Super moons.

Instead we got this

A cat disagreement got me up around midnight and I caught this:

Not quite the same. Humbug.

But you can’t win them all.

There was a post script to my 1970 initiation into the trials and tribulations of “staff travel” as BA called it.

Arriving early one September morning from Los Angeles on BA592, our heads revolved slightly as we taxied past the terminal that we had only months ago moved into.

It seemed to have acquired a big black hole in the middle.

It wasn’t jet lag playing tricks on us. There was a smoky gap where our gates used to be.

When the terminal opened, it was far from being complete, and of the 6 gates that should have been available to us, only 3 where in fact operational. You can guess where the black hole was located!

The remaining gates were hastily activated and we did our best to improvise. Life in the dilapidated old International Arrivals Building had prepared us for a few inconveniences.

We were never told the conclusion of the investigation into the fire that had caused all this damage, but clearly, it was no accident. It broke out one morning as the early shift began processing passengers for the daylight flight to London. Fortunately no-one was injured.

It was only the first of many dramas we saw in that building.

My personal drama was waiting for me at “home” in Syosset. But things on that front were quiet for the time being.

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  1. I forgot to look, but it didn’t matter. We had a thunderstorm blow through here. Your pictures from previous years are really good.

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