Wild things

Our bright morning, yesterday, turned into a rainy afternoon, then as it was growing dusk, I was drawn outside by the light, and by the wild and wonderful sky.

I never grow tired of it.

Nor the sound of night creatures singing their tunes.

Frogs and cicadas, I suppose.

The night before, we brought in the chimes, so wild was the wind.

But by yesterday morning, calm had returned and brought us some breakfast visitors.

It was a busy morning! Little Gimpy had not been seen for a couple of days and we thought maybe she was gone, but suddenly she was back, easily recognizable from her lop-sided gait. As absurd as I know it is, she has captured a place in my heart. How can you not admire and care for a creature that soldiers on in the face of physical disability?

It’s as if Gimpy has frequent, momentary seizures. She suddenly freezes and starts to sink and sometimes she actually falls over completely, but then she gets up and carries on. When we saw her a few days ago, before her short absence, she looked so frail, which is why we thought she may have died. Even if we could catch her and take her to a wildlife place, I think in this situation one has to defer to Nature.

She has food and water and she copes pretty well. I don’t think she really suffers.

This touched me. Gimpy seems to be eating something heart-shaped. I know. I’m daft.

5 thoughts on “Wild things

  1. I’m always rooting for the underdog and I have fallen in love with cute little Gimpy. She looks fat and healthy here. Maybe it’s the way she’s sitting.

  2. Usually she seems to be OK but that one day she really looked wobbly and weak. I haven’t seen her today but I think the squirrels have taken a day off as there aren’t many about. Usually they are all over!

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