Virus poem

My virus poem, be it ever so humble:

Came a wee virus
Out of the East
Spreading its wings,
Heading West,
In its onward quest
To slay the pest.
Searching each cleft
For another chest.
“Nature called me out”
I heard that virus shout.
No colour of the skin,
No search for kith or kin.
It’s all the Human Race
Etched upon my face."
“There’s a lesson I must tell,
I suggest you listen well
To that daunting death knell.
A hundred years ago,
I had a cousin you know.
They said he was from Spain
As they tried in vain
To deflect the blame."
"My cousin went to war
50 million or more
They laid at his door.
But did anyone pay heed
When he proved your need?
To keep your numbers low.
Did I not on you bestow
A lesson for all to know?"
"How was it that you dared?
In a test tube you cared,
For a very grand fee,
To override my decree,
Of what ought not to be.
Creating one more life,
To add to the strife.
A far too peopled Earth
With support now a dearth."
"Another lesson I must give
To those who wish to live.
Filthy lucre is the cause
Of so many wars.
And please take the time
To consider the crime:
The world’s a frightful mess
For those with so much less."

"We must share,
It’s only fair.
Make the Earth a better place
For all upon her face."



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