Penny Panic

Last night, when I went to bed, the super moon was the last thing on my mind. It’s amazing how quickly a day can turn from one thing to another. We all know this, but it always comes as a shock.

In fact, I had already been reminded during the afternoon, when Tim emailed the sad news that a friend of ours, from long ago, had suddenly lost his life partner to a stroke. I kept trying to remind myself of this when our own little shock occurred.

As hard as one tries to keep things “in perspective”, when it comes down to it, you can only react to events within your own narrow horizons.

My horizons are filled with cats. As you all know.

At lunchtime Penny was her usual self, very keen for her midday snack.

Come suppertime, nothing. Flat. No interest.

This is bad enough when life is normal, but with restricted vet hours and procedures, these things are harder to manage.

We worked out that Penny’s problem was in her back legs where she has bad arthritis. She seemed to be in a lot of discomfort.

Penny gets pain medication twice a day, which seems to help her navigate around the house quite well.We have tried to make the various favourite places easily accessible for her, but she still often jumps up and down.

So we wondered if she had somehow strained herself.

Grant always invokes worst case scenario “maybe she broke something.”

Then the question becomes: “What do we do about it?”

If it’s not fixable. We know what we must do. 🙁

If it is fixable, will it self -heal?

Will it require surgery?

Surgery, even for pets is very expensive. I have 12 cats. The future is very uncertain. How can I justify thinking of paying perhaps $5,000 to save an old cat that may only live a short while longer.

It doesn’t make sense.

The alternative makes me ill. I adore this cat. Even if it was Tinkerbell who clearly hates me, I would be sick at the thought of putting her to sleep because of money concerns.

If I actually didn’t have the cash currently available, that’s one thing. But for the moment I can get the money. The reason I closed the foster home was because I kept seeing large chunks of money disappearing regularly into various veterinarian’s cash drawers. When there are a large number of animals to consider, you have to act rationally, sensibly.

Also, as I said before, this is a very uncertain time. I can’t be sure that my income will not be reduced. The wretched IRS has already taken back a portion of my social security payment for this year. Besides which, so many people need help, more than ever now.

So I went to bed in turmoil, feeling pulled every which way. Half of my brain is sensible and down-to-earth. The other half is emotional, over-the-top sentimental. Predictably, it’s usually the emotional side that wins. If I’ve ever been sensible, I know I haven’t felt good about it.

There was also the thought that Penny might indeed be at the end of her days, and that there would be no saying goodbye and holding her close as the drug was administered. I wouldn’t even know, until Grant came home, what the outcome was. “Keep it in perspective.” Yes, right.

Storm in a teacup.

Grant slept on the floor with Penny last night.

I may seem neurotic about the cats. Grant goes out of his mind when one is sick.

So I get to manage the sick cat and Grant losing it!

At some time during the night, Penny got up and walked.


I had suggested administering an extra dose of pain meds. Maybe that’s all it took. This time.

Penny was abandoned 3 years ago. She and Sikkim were the last two cats I took in. Penny is the most endearing, sweet little cat. Everyone loves her. Especially us.

Stay awhile longer, please, Penny.

5 thoughts on “Penny Panic

  1. Awww, I also hope your sweet Penny will be with you for awhile longer.
    She is beautiful.
    I remember when I had to say my final good-bye to my cat Smokey, it was quite unbearable but I was able to be with her and hold her in my arms.
    It is very sad that would might not be able to be with Penny if it was her time to leave you.
    Keeping you and Penny in my good thoughts.

  2. This is such a strange and difficult time and I’m happy that Penny has regained the use of her legs. Our vets will only come out to your vehicle and collect your pet and take it inside for treatment while you wait outside. I will be so glad when things get back to normal.

  3. I am so happy, that Penny has improved.
    It is an anxious time, when one of our companions is sick….. that is when
    you wish they could talk.
    Sending gentle hugs to Penny. 💝

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