Who to believe ?

Night of 5th April 2020

Am I going crazy, or is no one telling the truth anymore?

Last month, I could swear I read that the so-called Worm moon was going to be this year’s largest super moon.

But this morning Tim was bemoaning the fact that in Brooklyn he expects overcast skies tonight and will not be able to view the biggest “Pink” super moon of 2020.

So, I checked. The Worm has been downgraded to “second greatest”. OK then.

This was the Worm, 9th Mar 2020 (pre-quarantine, why does that seem so long ago?) I doubt I would notice the difference, even if I applied the same camera settings.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am becoming very sensitive to these superlatives, so often tossed out by the man in the White House.

Lately I feel myself wondering if everyone in the whole World is telling lies. Perhaps paranoia is creeping in.

Grant went out this morning on one of his “essential” excursions and I bolted the storm door, because some of the cats can open it, but they love sitting in the sun.

Not long after, I was folding sheets in my bedroom when suddenly Blackie came flying around the corner at top speed and without stopping, turned again and threw herself into my cupboard.

I knew Grant was back.

You would think Blackie should know our car, but she seems extra nervous lately.

In fact, I think the cats in general are all a bit twitchy, or is it that my nerves are on edge and I am therefore more susceptible, these days to the sound of their little petty squabbles that seem to go on all day? Then there’s Colin….

Colin’s behaviour has taken a different turn.

Over the past couple of months, he has begun, on occasion, sleeping on my bed, to the disgruntlement of my girls.

You want to know why they aren’t pleased? I’ll tell you.

This very plump boy-cat is a sex addict.

Oh, he doesn’t chase them. He has passionate sex with a fleece on my bed. It was put here for one of the girls to snuggle in. Now, they look at it and go “Eewww!”

Here's the little lover in one of his bizarre yoga poses.

Well no, I don’t think I am completely paranoid. Yet. There are one or two people I still trust. But I wish a lot of other people would think more carefully before they accept as gospel what they hear and what they read.

Someone forwarded something to me this morning that would have me believe the corona virus was manufactured and released by the Chinese in order to bring down the Western World. I am no fan of the Chinese Government but I think they would be clever enough to cover it up better if this was what they did. And there are many millions of people on the planet who may “look” Chinese but are most definitely not. Yet these people are getting beaten up.

Which is not to say that I subscribe to beating up anyone who is Chinese, because I don’t. Most of them are not responsible for the odious things their Government is responsible for, never mind covid19.

How’s this for an alternate theory about that:

As I gawped at the moon last night, I saw a light.

It wasn’t a plane, or a satellite, moving the way it was.

So, as I often do, I thought, “Oh, another UFO.”

And then I thought, as I also often do, “What if..”

“What if we are an experiment? What if some super advanced aliens from another universe are dropping covid19 on us, as an experiment?”

The truth is, what DO we really know?

Some people believe in Religion.

Some people believe in Science.

I think some people actually have room for both.

Me? I have no idea what I believe. I only believe in what I feel, in my heart, my soul and my body and I couldn’t begin to make sense out of any of it, far less tell anyone else to.

Toby is a little concerned that I may have lost it. 
Not yet, honey.

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  1. I caught a glimpse of the moon also, but it was so hazy here that it wasn’t as spectacular as yours. You got a good shot of it!

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