Looking for signs

We’re all looking, constantly, for signs…

…that Spring may arrive some day this year

(Well alright, that picture was 2 weeks ago, but this morning frozen things were falling once more from up above.)

Not to despair….if you look really close

Look! Buds! Actual green buds! On one remote tree.

This poor bush didn’t get the memo about late Spring and it pushed out it’s leaves a week ago. Ever since it’s been kind of saying “Hey! Where’s everybody else?”

“I thought staying inside was just for people?”

See…that little bird heard it’s plaint

But bit by little bit, those buds are peeping out.

So what if they’re weeds?

At least this one’s not. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Looking for signs

  1. I have some pink hyacinths like yours and they are always too impatient to wait for spring. Mine bloomed in late February. Their pretty color is always a welcome sight when nothing else is blooming, but sometimes they do have to pay the price for their early arrival.

    Even the weeds look good, popping up out of the brown earth.

    1. I can understand their displeasure. I hope none of their eggs got broken. The birds around here have already started their nest building. I have 2 birdhouses and many nests scattered in the trees. Not sure if they have already started their families or not.

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