Not knowing…

Birds in the apple tree 25th March 2020

My family and my group of friends is very small, so I have been able to check up on them by email to ensure that they are safe. Well, as safe as is possible under these very strange circumstances. If there is one that I worry about, it is my brother, the nomad, who is currently in South Africa.

Peter has been travelling for two decades. He has homes in three places in order to avoid the discomfort of Winter. But in his last message he said “The nomadic life-style suddenly reveals it’s downside.

Hopefully, my brother will remain safe where he is. His option is to try to fly back to England and self-isolate in the home he has there, but the journey from the tip of Africa in itself is surely not very safe, my brother being a 75-year old diabetic. In his situation I would not know what to do.

Being uncertain is something that always makes me uncomfortable and although I am currently more fortunate than most of the people on the planet, I feel very frustrated at the moment. Not knowing…anything…

When we were told to self-isolate, I decided to try to keep my blog going. It would be one normal thing to focus on.

It would be a very small way of staying in touch with the World.

But it would need to be positive.

There’s a challenge!

From my little corner of the World, to produce on an almost daily basis, something to lift people’s spirits.

Without being too jolly. Which could be, maybe, inappropriate.

(That’s a bit of a laugh in itself, for me to think of saying anything “jolly”. It’s not me, you understand!)

For now, Nature has helped me, yet again, by providing overnight an abundance of wonderful scenery:

After yesterday’s snow, the temperature grew quite warm, then overnight plummeted again, to produce these scenes.

Tomorrow, I can’t say what there will be.

Any day with a dawn is a good thing…

5 thoughts on “Not knowing…

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely photos! They bring me such a lift. Sometimes words are not necessary.

  2. Your blog is a wonderful diversion for people in isolation. You have found a beautiful place to settle with your cats, and you share it with those excellent pictures.
    I was going to stop blogging daily, as I was sort of doing it to keep people apprised of my husband’s progress, but I have several people who tell me they enjoy the distraction, so now I have a purpose… as do you!
    You mentioned the goldfinches here – I envy you the red winged blackbirds! Strangely, I haven’t seen any here in Missouri yet – they are such a welcome sign of Spring.

  3. We have a few goldfinches in the summer but last year there was a naughty stray cat. He moved away so maybe this year….the red wings went away for a couple of months but returned with reinforcements! I love all birds and creatures…like you.

  4. I love reading about your animal friends and your history, and seeing your lovely photos. They are always respite. Thank you!

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