Spring in Cambridge

Then this happened

When I went outside this morning to capture shots of glorious Spring in Washington County (NY), the birds were still singing their gay Springtime tune, but not long after they were back sitting on their bush glaring at us through the window.

“WTF is THIS?” they said.

They are very rude birds.

I refilled the feeder that I moved yesterday out of reach of our intrepid squirrel that has discovered how to use it as a swing while stealing their food.

The feeder was hanging off the hook on the left and for the whole of this past Winter, no squirrel has been able to reach it. Until yesterday.

Or possibly the day before, considering the amount of seed I found scattered on the porch.

So last night didn’t we get dark looks from the squirrel that climbed up on the lounger and stared at us through the kitchen window before turning to consider whether he could launch himself off.

He’ll probably try. Must remember to move the lounger.

The sweet lady cardinals are very obliging.

They let me take their photograph.

As does he.

If I was that beautiful, I suppose I wouldn’t mind being photographed either.

The rest of those perishing little devils don’t like it when they see the camera lens, even when I am quite a distance away. They just know. Although they haven’t yet realized that I can see them from my bathroom window.

They have the nerve to tease poor Willow!

As I stopped to comfort her, I sneaked two shots, with this result…

My friendly little dove looked up suddenly and said:

“Where did everyone go?” Then went back to grazing.

Not much phases her.

4 thoughts on “Spring in Cambridge

  1. Wonderful pictures! I, too, found you through Jon Katz. I am not as adept as you, I think, at blogging, but I also do pictures of birds and our animals. I live in Missouri and blog at http://www.gallopingthrough.com if you would like to compare birds etc.
    I know Teddy Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy” but I learn from comparison, so that saying perplexes me…


  2. I’m glad you have such lovely distractions to keep you entertained while you are isolated as we all are. We are required to shelter in place here in Texas, too.

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