Almost Pre-Spring?

While I am a self-confessed hermit, now that I have a little elbow room, I quite like going outside to enjoy whatever is going on. Yesterday I happened to glance out my office window and was taken with this solitary cloud.

It was just sort of hanging there, irresistibly, so I thought I would catch it for eternity. Well, for the life of my computer anyway, let’s be realistic. I love watching clouds.

Something else I love looking at is naked trees. This time of year they are probably more naked than ever, just before the buds emerge.

It seems to me that all living things stand tall right about now, as if reaching up toward the sun, the source.

So I decided to capture my favourite tree in the glory of her nakedness. I love all trees, but I have a soft spot for that one.

She seems so perfect, to me.

There was a small development on the woodchuck front.

Grant set up the trail cam recently, in the woods, to see if we could catch sight of our sleepy boy.

And there he was, out and about. But we did not expect to see him out at night. I went online to check and according to the Internet, woodchucks “conduct business during the day.”

So, do we have an unconventional woodchuck, or is the Internet wrong? Maybe he’s just really hungry after sleeping such a long time.

Not the greatest picture, but there he is, off on his way, who knows where.

A couple of hours later, a fox came by. I really hope they didn’t meet.

Poor wee cardinal didn’t get it right this morning, either. He landed on the bush and messed up his undercarriage, taking an inelegant nose dive. As he turned his head, I think he was saying “Oh please don’t take my photograph!” Then he sat there trying to recover his dignity. It’s OK. You’re still a really beautiful boy.

One thought on “Almost Pre-Spring?

  1. I share your love of naked trees and yours is very elegant. I’m sure she will be lovely as well when her buds begin to pop open.

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