Value of a view

Moon shine 8th Mar 2020

The criteria for purchasing a home in western Washington, for me, at least, involved having a mountain view. I almost pulled it off once.

Do you ever accept recommendations from friends about services that their friends supply? Having learned the hard way, I would say don’t do it.

On one occasion, I hired a moving company to transfer my whole kit and caboodle from one part of Long Island to another. Not a very great distance. In my enthusiasm to be organized, I had taken care of every single thing I could think of, including cutting off phone service (this was pre-cell phones) . My bedding and everything was all packed up. The new place was a set of blank walls.

There I sat with my pile of stuff, wondering how long I should wait before calling the mover to ask “excuse me, but where are you?” Considering I no longer had phone service, this was problematic but fortunately my landlady was home so I popped downstairs.

“Oh,” said the chap, “it’s raining.” WHAT? I was so gobsmacked, it didn’t occur to me until later to ask what happens if it rains for a fortnight. Does he then give the boys 2 weeks off? Funny way to do business. I think I slept that night on the floor somewhere.

Then, in Washington I agreed to use a realtor who was the friend of a work colleague. Another faux pas. She must have been the busiest woman I ever met and while this may have been admirable in some ways, it didn’t make her a good realtor.

This lady took me to view a condo in Kent, WA. It seemed just right, and then I turned toward the picture window. It had a totally un-obscured view of Mt Rainier. It was stunning. No question. I wanted the place. But by the time my realtor got through taking care of all her other busyness, someone else had scooped it out from under me.

Long ago, I had learned not to get excited over anything because it can lead to so much disappointment, but on this one occasion, I had allowed it to happen. I won’t again.

So, no more recommendations. Not when it’s going to matter.

The criteria for a house when I was returning to New York State was a bit different. Primarily the house needed to be large enough to accommodate 13 cats! I don’t remember that I had any other particular requirements. It all happened so fast, it never occurred to me to request much else.

Therefore, I consider myself very fortunate to have found a property which offers such spectacular views of the dawn and of moon rise.

Two nights ago, I captured a series of photographs, but the full moon was not till the following, last night.

At one point I began to wonder if something had happened to the moon. I watched and watched. I checked the time.

Sky and light conditions were a bit different and I knew the moon would be up later than the day before, but still…

According to the Internet, the moon rises an average of 50 minutes later each day. I hadn’t realized there was that much difference, but yesterday it rose one hour and 12 minutes later.

For a few minutes I had turned my head and suddenly, there it was. So off I went once more.

This is the so-called Worm Moon. I know it is also called the Death Moon, but I decided not to think about that.

My night sky

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  1. Very nice! I have a second hand Nikon D3200 but haven’t managed full moon pictures as well as you do! Of course, I am not very good at learning to do things properly, either. I tend to rely on automatic settings (especially “sport” for speed).

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