My friend Flicker et al

Boy cardinal is a little out-numbered

One of those days

Was followed by:

A moody sky that brought unexpected snow

and a day later :

The flicker got to referee the starlings and the blue-jays. Poor flicker is a solitary chap but maybe his wife stays at home while he sorts out the rabble. It’s quite a scrum in the morning.

At dark “our” deer come looking for a snack

So hard for them, this time of year

On a cold morning, the birds look as if they have their feet tucked up and they seem to puff themselves out.

My “oracle” (which failed to predict the last snow storm) tells me that it may be cold through the beginning of March and we have a hypothermia warning out for tonight, but I know I shall come to my window one morning soon and see signs of Spring. With the luxury of a roof and a warm house, it’s all good.

But I do feel sorry for the deer….

Heading off for the night. My pretty friend.

2 thoughts on “My friend Flicker et al

  1. You are so kind to provide for the wildlife and help them out during the cold winter months. It’s obvious that they know when the cafe is open and serving dinner.

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