Poem for a black cat

Blackie sharing the sun with Penny who was also one of the last “ins”
I open one eye
With a sigh,
As Blackie emits a cry.
"I want it now"
She says, "Maow, maow."

That's the other name
She'll claim.

If Blackie Maow Maow
We do call,
She'll come skipping
Down the hall
Tho "skipping" isn't quite the word
Throughout the house
Her footfall heard...
Thump thump thump
She strides, thump thump
Just my little small black lump.

At first she was
My garden buddy,
Her feet and mine
Always muddy.
When in the yard,
And bending low,
The one thing I would always know,
A little cat was somewhere near
And from the brush she would appear,
Calling out her little tune
And she got named then very soon
"Blackie Maow Maow"

And that is how
"No more cats"
Became "that's that!"

My foster home idea having been suspended when the outs no longer matched the ins, I had declared “No more cats!” But how was I going to turn away my little garden buddy? She attached herself to me like a magnet and she is the one cat who really likes to cuddle. My little love.

2 thoughts on “Poem for a black cat

  1. My Minnie came to be mine in a similar way. She certainly wasn’t planned, but she is the light of my life now. Blackie and Minnie could pass for twins. I am partial to black cats! Are Blackie’s eyes different colors?

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