After the dark

After the rather dark postings of the previous days, I thought it was time to play with light, literally:

My bed was too warm this morning, or maybe it was Blackie who kept me there too long, but I missed the actual rising of the sun. But then I noticed the unusual phenomenon as it went behind a cloud.

Leaving kitty breakfast to Grant (again), I ran outside with my camera forgetting that I had not replaced the chip card. Ran back in and grabbed my old standby. Grant reminded me that I’ve always got my iphone, but by the time I get through fiddling with that it would be high noon. I’m lucky if I can get the thing to make an actual phone call, its intended purpose!

So then I downloaded the pix and played with the adjustments. Just for fun and a lift of spirits.

4 thoughts on “After the dark

  1. This sunrise is priceless. I’m glad you didn’t miss it and thanks for sharing it with us. I’m a late riser, so I miss the sunrises, but we do have some spectacular sunsets here in Texas.

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