Bodies of water

0815/27th October. Off to Clifton Park "Do you think we'll need the air conditioner again?" ...asked the man last week. "No! It's October!" As I said it, I knew I shouldn't have. . Luckily, the thermometre stalled at 74F/23C. The air conditioner did not need to be re-activated, but we drove along yesterday with both … Continue reading Bodies of water


16th October 2023 Some images serve as metaphors. There is light ahead. We can move forward out of the darkness. . When I was very depressed, years ago, I often listened to Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony. I could picture the thunderstorm and the ensuing calm. It gave me comfort. Even though I am by nature a … Continue reading Self-judgment


0830/16th October 2023 It has been some time since we went to Clifton Park. An early appointment gave us a chance to view further developments of Fall. Mist rose above the Hudson River . Turning onto Route 40, we passed a recently-harvested field that was filled with Canada Geese. There were many hundreds and more … Continue reading Halfway

A very nice place

0710/14th October 2023 "Red sky in the morning" "Shepherd's warning." It may have been true, in the old days, back in England. The New England saying is: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." . We set off to see what we would see. The provisional destination was The Salem Art Works which … Continue reading A very nice place


0743/5th October 2023 This day the morning mist was sepia. It fits well, into the gallery of images I've been collecting of late. It's a very brown sort of period. . There is, of course, a place for brown as our friend Zoomer demonstrates. Zoomer is a little brown furry creature that is stocking up … Continue reading Cheeky