14th October 2023

Last Spring we followed a neighbour’s advice about a good view from the hill in the middle of Cambridge.

Woodland’s Cemetery is located there.

The view is great and there are some wonderful trees, so we made a note to go back in the Fall.

And on the way home last Saturday, that’s where we went.


It was really too hazy that day for the view, but I took a couple of pictures anyway.

The blend of colours was nice.


With the trees still in leaf towering above us, it was like being under a canopy.


A protective canopy.

Trees make me feel safe.


Somewhere to hide.



The peace was disturbed by two men with leaf-blowers.

A shame. A carpet of leaves is lovely, but I suppose it gets messy if not tidied up.

Mine are left to go where the wind takes them.


We wandered beneath the tall oaks.



Then made our way back down the steep hill.


Up the road to our own leafy lane.


Or not so leafy, according to the evidence!

6 thoughts on “Leafy

  1. That’s a beautiful spot for a cemetery, but I wish they would let the leaves lie where they fall. It is nature’s way for them to rot, and help fertilise the ground.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The cemetery is a lovely and peaceful place with the protection of the towering trees. I saw that beautiful, large bush on one of the gravesites and wonder if you know what it is?

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