A long night

26th September 2023

“What colour are those flowers?”


“Actually, they’re not!”

“Yup, yup they are.”


“They just appear mauve because of the pink bits.”

The pink bits have a name but determining it was taking more time than is available…

As far as I was concerned these asters were white. At a stretch I conceded they might be a hint of, not white.


So, I was challenged to take another look and on this day, maybe they weren’t quite as white.

“Pick one and bring it inside!”

So I did.


No longer white!


However I angled it, it was blue.

Periwinkle perhaps?

Anyway, not white.



Whatever their colour, they are very popular. The moth would not hold still.


Bees especially like these flowers.


Last Fall Grant pulled out a huge amount of invasive Japanese honeysuckle which made way for so many more wild flowers for the bees and butterflies.


A butterfly called Ander. Not really. It’s an Anderson window.

The butterfly didn’t linger for proper introductions.


Sunny, breezy Fall afternoons. Bliss.


The simplicity of “common mallow” appeals to me. It is also new to the garden this year.


An uncommon Dee Dee-cat monitored a chipmunk hole. She doesn’t know they have a back door. And possibly a side door.

Willow-cat would never chase a chipmunk!


Remember a week or so ago, how we lost a cat indoors? Thought we were going mad.

How about losing a blind cat?

Lucy was obviously distressed late yesterday afternoon. Call to the vet.

Instructions to medicate and monitor. OK, yes, we’d do that.

Where in the hell was Lucy?


After an hour of searching and listening, we looked at each other: ????????

In the very unlikely event of someone coming in to steal a cat, it would not be Lucy. They would be shredded.

Alien abduction? Vaporization?

A spooked cat can squeeze itself into a space you couldn’t get your hand into and then I think they shape shift to become a part of the furniture, because we had both there checked twice.


By now Lucy was really spooked.

The vet had said if we were concerned overnight, we should take her to the 24 hour emergency clinic. Long trip, more stress for Lucy, big $$$$.

We gave Lucy some gabapentin as per the vet. She had never had it before and it had a very bad effect. She wobbled madly then fell asleep, so I put her in the middle of my bed and kept checking every 5 minutes to be sure she was breathing.

Every time I have taken a cat to emergency care it has been an unnecessary ordeal, but what if? There was a time when money was not quite such an issue, but now costs are such that with 11 cats to think of, it is a big issue. It was a very long night.

This morning the vet found nothing seriously amiss, but Lucy is still acting spooked. Far more than is normal.

….to be continued….

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  1. Those wildflowers definitely look white at first, but then blue up close … isn’t that amazing? Your photos are beautiful – that white fluffy ‘stuff’ is so pretty! Oh, I hope Lucy is doing better now 💌.

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